CII Advisors

Charles Allen, Principal, Chertoff Group. Mr. Allen has held senior positions in Government including Assistant Secretary and then Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis, Department of Homeland Security; and Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Collection. He also serves INSA as Senior Intelligence Advisor.

John Bennett, former Director of the National Clandestine Service retired from CIA after 33 years of service.  He held numerous overseas positions, mostly in Africa, and managed counterterrorism and other operations both domestically and abroad. Recipient of numerous CIA, IC, and DoD awards, Mr. Bennett is on the Board of the “Studies in Intelligence” and Chairman, Central Intelligence Retirees’ Association.

Antonio Delgado, Management and Business Development Consultant.  Mr. Delgado’s career as a security professional spanned nearly three decades across the intelligence community.  He held executive-level positions in the CIA, NRO, and Intelligence Community Management Staff. He previously served on the Board of Governors for the Central Intelligence Retirees’ Association.  

Richard Kerr, held a number of senior positions at the Central Intelligence Agency including both Acting and Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, and Deputy Director for Intelligence.  He has served on a number of corporate advisory boards and was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal by President George H.W. Bush.

Mark Lowenthal, President Emeritus, The Intelligence & Security Academy; Adjunct Professor at the Krieger School, Johns Hopkins University; former Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production; lecturer and author of over 90 works including “Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy,” and former Jeopardy champion.

John McLaughlin, author and commentator on television and print media.  A former Deputy and then Acting Director of Central Intelligence, he served at CIA career for over 30 years as an intelligence analyst on Russian, European, Eurasian issues, led analytic efforts as CIA Deputy Director for Intelligence, and created  the Senior Analytic Service as well as established the Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis.  He is a Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

Jeannette Moore, Former Deputy Director, Special Technologies and Operations, Raytheon Corporation after retiring from CIA where she was a senior manager.  Ms. Moore served on the board of the Northwest Federal Credit Union for 10 years.  

Michael Sulick, Former Director of the National Clandestine Service; held several senior positions both domestically and abroad during his CIA career.  Currently a consultant on insider threat issues and national security affairs, he lectures and writes on intelligence, including historical works on intelligence dating back to the Revolutionary War and on espionage against America (“Spying in America” and “American Spies”).