CII Provides Counseling, Other Information Services, and Access to Attorneys

CII offers a range of informational services to help CIA and other intelligence officers who think they may be at legal risk because of their actions conducted in good faith service to the nation.  CII serves as an independent and confidential resource to help those officers get the assistance they need, including information about obtaining access to personal legal representation or to other expert assistance.  CII and its external network of experts can help intelligence officers better identify, understand, and manage the personal risks associated with the conduct of authorized intelligence activities. These risks can be daunting, particularly if people feel they have no place to turn for help. 

Awareness of and Protection
from Risks

Intelligence officers face legal risks and challenges they might not fully understand and that can burden them with thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in legal expenses to protect themselves in the event of civil, criminal, congressional, or other investigations or proceedings, or to otherwise assert their legal and civil rights.   Often these officers may not know if they need legal assistance or where they can find suitable legal representation at reasonable costs if they do. CII helps them understand their needs and serves as, in effect, an annotated “yellow pages” to provide options for officers who decide they wish to retain personal counsel.

Legal Problems Can Bring
Financial Burden 

That “nobody should go broke for their good faith service to country” has been a driving principle since the founding of the Council on Intelligence Issues, and CII’s provides assistance to help serve that objective.

Learn More

To learn more about how the CII and its networks of experts help intelligence employees, contractors, and their families cope with the challenges that often go with the job, see below for information about our IntelAid Assistance publications and one-on-one, no cost counseling sessions and how to get access to our network of private attorneys and other experts.

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