Selected Intelligence Publications

On the aftermath of 9/11 and the Iraq WMD analysis: 

“The Real Intelligence Failure? Spineless Spies” by Mark M. Lowenthal (2008) 

The Agency and the Hill: CIA’s Relationship with Congress, 1946-2004 (Center for the Study of Intelligence, CIA, by L. Britt Snider, 2008).  This is a study of the CIA’s relationship with Congress for the period from the creation of the Agency until 2004—the era of the DCIs.

Truth to Power: A History of the U.S. National Intelligence Counciledited by Robert Hutchings and Gregory F. Treverson (Oxford University Press, 2019).  The first-ever history of the U.S. National Intelligence Council (NIC) as told through the reflections of its eight Chairs in the period from the end of the Cold War until 2017.

The Ukraine Situation: Producing Analysis Using the Five Habits of the Master Thinker (The Analytic Insider, 2022)

Security Clearance Reform Overdue Overhaul, April 15, 2019 by Sina Beaghley

Former CIA Officer Writings About Intelligence, Policy, and Politics, 2016-17″

Secrecy in U.S. National Security: Why a Paradigm Shift is Needed.  (This RAND publication summarizes an examination of the current security classification system, identifies what works and what doesn’t, and provides the authors’ recommendations for improvement.) 

For intelligence history and policy buffs:

“Searching for National Intelligence: U.S. Intelligence and Policy Before the Second World War” by Mark M. Lowenthal